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Lomi Membership

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Give your Lomi superpowers
Lomi can turn your food waste into dirt like magic, but with a little help, it can do even more.

Cancel your membership at any time.
Every 3 months, you will receive:

  • Activated charcoal refills to keep Lomi odor-neutralized
  • A 3-month supply of LomiPods to add helpful microorganisms to your dirt

LomiPods make your plants’ new favorite dirt!

LomiPods pack helpful microorganisms into a tiny tablet. Simply add a LomiPod to a Lomi Grow Mode or Lomi Approved Mode cycle (with a little bit of water) and LomiPod activates to add more soil-enhancing, plant-friendly nutrients to your Lomi dirt.

Keep Lomi fresh with Lomi charcoal filter refills

Your Lomi comes with your first set of activated charcoal - fill up your filter housing and Lomi does a great job of preventing odors while Lomi breaks down your waste. For best results, that activated charcoal should be replaced approximately every three months

You can use any high-quality activated charcoal of your choosing, but we wanted to make it easy for you with your Lomi Membership by ensuring you don’t get any unwanted smells by forgetting to replace the activated charcoal!